Workers completed a major overhaul of the pavilion "Seeds" at ENEA, where he later opened Park Studio "Soyuzmultfilm". This was reported to journalists on Friday the Deputy mayor Pyotr Biryukov.

"Complete overhaul of the pavilion "Seeds" at the exhibition center, where you will enjoy media Park Studio "Soyuzmultfilm". In the course of works, has been completely renovated facade with a total area of 1.45 sq m and the roof of the pavilion, replacement of 400 "squares" stained glass. Also, experts have put in order the main entry staircase and a large flower bed in the basement of the building in which growing spruce. Their damaged concrete Foundation was restored and re-lined with basalt", – said Biryukov.

According to him, the building was equipped with modern systems of water and electricity supply, heating, sewage, ventilation, air conditioning and fire alarm. The pavilion has also been adapted for people with limited mobility – installed a lift, Elevator and ramps. Located in the building informing tactile signs for people with visual impairment.

The façade of the pavilion and gardens have graced the architectural and artistic illumination. It is a led strip 249 lamps and will work in two modes: casual and festive.

"In the course of the overhaul of the pavilion was created all the necessary infrastructure to open the media Park Studio "Soyuzmultfilm". Interior trim is fully consistent with the spirit of high technology, to be used", – added Biryukov.

The building of the pavilion "Seeds" at ENEA is the object of historical and urban environment. It was built in 1978 according to the project of the Soviet architects Zoe Arzamasova and Tatiana Petrova with the assistance of engineer Dmitry Zemtsov. During the years of operation of a three-storey building came into disrepair: design partially lost the strength, the plaster on the walls was peeling off, worn out engineering system. In this regard, it was decided to be held in the pavilion repairs.