According to the Bayern star, the transfer thriller about Robert Lewandowski is about to end. FC Barcelona is traded as the top prospect for the striker.

The next step: Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski will swap the soccer field for the Formula 1 race track at the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday, where he will face interviews with Sky Sport regarding his career plans. FC Barcelona has submitted an offer of 32 million euros to the Munich side after it became known that the striker would like to leave his club this summer.

Hint: When asked “in which place” Lewandowski can be seen in the near future, the 33-year-old replies: “I think we can say a little more soon.” However, he does not reveal any further details. His contract in Munich runs until 2023.

Sports friend: In addition to the transfer rumours, the conversation with Tormaschine Lewandowski revolves around his enthusiasm for racing. He was particularly impressed by the “radio” but also by the “speed” during a tour of the motor world.

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