The Emporis Skyscraper Award, goes this year to the “MGM Cotai” in Macao, (China). The 3.4 billion-Dollar casino and Hotel-designed by the architectural firm Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates Resort. The skyscraper is located on the Cotai Strip, the heart of the gambling industry of Macau, which now generates three times as much revenue as the Casinos in Las Vegas.

The “MGM Cotai” prevailed against 500 houses have a minimum height of 100 meters and 2018 completed. The skyscraper, according to the Jury due to its unique structure. It consists of nine cubes, which are reminiscent of Chinese jewelry boxes, and stacked on top of each other forming two interconnected towers.

Eco high-rise buildings high in the course

The second place, the “La Marseillaise” in Marseille (France), which was named after the French national anthem proves. The architect Jean Nouvel had it paint with 30 different colour shades.

thanks to the unconventional air conditioning La Marseillaise “and that” a good Eco-balance. The skyscraper is connected to a sea water circuit, which allows it to cool the building by the use of cold water from the sea with almost no additional power consumption.

“The scalpel” occupies the third place

The third place goes this year to the in the heart of London, this building, “52 Lime Street”. His clear and narrow geometric shape and the reflective façade of the skyscraper, according to the experts of the Jury to be something Special. It makes the building like a sharp knife look. Hence the nickname the “scalpel”.

the third place was able to score through sustainable design. Among other things, the water consumption is 45 percent lower than comparable buildings.

in Europe on

The Award is presented this year for the nineteenth Time. According to the Jury of experts of Europe was shit in the last few years, one of the leading regions in the construction of skyscrapers, Asia, and North America, a position in an organization. A Swiss high-rise building is not to be found in the Top Ten.