Previously, to subsidize part of the cost of scientific and educational organizations related to the hiring of graduates this year for the positions of researchers in the fields of science, proposed by the Minister of education and science Valeriy Falkov. “Implementation of this mechanism may provide an additional influx in the sector of research and development not less than 10 thousand graduates, will give additional impetus to the development of regional universities and research organizations, will act as a tool in achieving national development goals, including the goals of the national project “Science,” he said.

According to the Ministry of education, the labour market in this year reached 410 thousand graduates of Russian universities. Of these, 267 thousand was studying full-time, that is, they have not had the opportunity to combine study and work, so they are first faced with employment. They have the hardest. According to the research Institute of labour, 23% of young people starting their careers, it remains unclaimed.

the Ministry has explained that the main problem with finding work for young professionals – lack of professional experience. The Ministry said that together with the Ministry of education and regions are working on measures to promote the employment of graduates. For example, on the basis of the portal “Work in Russia” now creates a single digital showcase internships, which will be posted invitations to employers, addressed to students. The service will start operating from next year. It also will be able to conclude an agreement with the employer for internship. In 28 Russian regions run their own employment programmes for those who are looking for work. For example, in Moscow, Leningrad, Volgograd, Lipetsk, Orenburg, and Sakhalin regions for young professionals who have graduated from high school, provided the quotas for jobs. A number of programmes that promote the employment of College graduates, implemented together with universities. Including paid internships from 2 to 6 months.

On the basis of the universities themselves also have specialized structural unit – career Centers and employment. Only 207 of them, to help them apply every year, more than 60% of the graduates.

“it is Obvious that graduates in employment need support, because the level of unemployment among young people is higher than in other age groups. Now in pandemic, the situation on the labour market became more complicated, and is affected primarily young,” – said the head of Department socially-labour relations and social partnership of Apparat FNPR Oleg Sokolov.

He noted that every fifth unemployed person is a young person under the age of 25. According to him, the priority should remain ��tagirovna graduates of professional educational institutions, which allows them to gain professional experience and first job, however, the introduction of economic measures is also considered.

Sokolov reminded that in the crisis period of 2008-2009, when there was a difficult economic situation on the labour market, such support measures operated and proved its effectiveness. “Was the training of graduates of educational institutions of three months and six months. The employer who took them to his work, received support from the Federal budget in the amount of the minimum wage. Part of this amount covered the salary that he was paying young professionals. Unfortunately, when the measures of the active employment policy was transferred from the Federal to the regional level, in most of which the program curled. We believe that the measure of support necessary to return to the Federal level”, – said the representative of the Federation.