the Gradual removal of the regime of self-isolation has led to the fact that the company is forced to dissolve the staff, but managed to survive, began urgently to look for new employees. And as the year proved to be a turning point for the labor market has changed and the trends of recruiting. Among the key — Avito assistant Job, are able to optimize and expedite the recruitment process. New functionality will allow us to find hands that is so necessary for both sides: employers and job-seekers.

In the period of a pandemic, businesses are particularly bad. Entrepreneurs as anti-crisis measures and are considering the transition to online, if the industry allows, and automation of processes and the redeployment of some staff to “life” udalenku and partial waiver of offices. In General, each spinning as they can.

Head of Department of analytical researches of the Higher school of financial management Mikhail Kogan notes that compared to last year has increased the demand for specialists in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals, public service, work in the house, security, as well as in the sphere of extraction of raw materials. “At the same time, the most dramatic decrease in vacancies occurred in arts, entertainment and media, fitness clubs and beauty salons, as well as in the field of tourism, hospitality and catering,” he concluded. Data Avito Work confirm the number of vacancies in some of these areas could be reduced by half.

meanwhile, today the main problem for companies is the search for new employees. The President of the Federal network Rublev Rublev Family Stanislav told “MK” the difficulties faced by his company due to coronavirus crisis. According to the businessman, almost in every field there service in a digital format. In this regard, has increased the need for specialists, able, first, to work in the online environment, and secondly, quickly adapt to the new conditions.

“During the quarantine, we launched an online quest and realized that most of the presenters, who very ably conducted in the usual format, was not ready to show all those talents on camera, online, he says. This problem occurred to many businesses, and soon all the experts will have to meet other requirements.”

meanwhile, regardless of economic realities in the country and the world, every year all spheres of life is becoming more digital. We are increasingly using different applications — taxi, food delivery, clothes shopping. It is much easier, faster and more convenient. It is not surprising that the search for staff and work has also moved into the online sphere.

Here to help withiskately and employers come modern tools that can quickly find each other.

“in order to find a suitable employee, the employer always puts a huge effort. The candidates need to clarify a lot of details, and this time, and therefore money, says category Manager Avito Dmitry Puchkov. Now the number of job seekers increased, and thus, increases the amount of work for the employer. Therefore, every Manager particularly appreciates the technology and the ability to work effectively, including to search for employees. Assistant Avito Work is useful in that when you apply for a job the employer will immediately see a summary of the candidate with basic information, this will help make the decision, the applicant is suitable or not.”

Assistant Avito Work is a technology that allows you to quickly and effortlessly find a job. A short dialogue with the assistant, and the applicant receives a summary selection of vacancies. For the employer it is also convenient — it gets responses already with detailed information about a potential employee: removed long stage of clarifying questions.

Thus, recruiters are freed from manually filtering non-relevant candidates that will quickly fill the vacancies, especially in the hottest positions during a pandemic coronavirus. And everyone is happy.