Because the fuel prices in Germany are currently so high, a woman from Hesse has simply switched. Instead of driving the car, she has recently been riding a horse to work. This saves her 250 euros every month. In the meantime, some of the boss’s employees are doing the same.

Many Germans rely on the car to get to work. Especially in times of high fuel prices, this is annoying and expensive at the same time. However, a woman from Hesse has now put an end to the car and uses a different “means of transport” for her daily commute: instead of driving, she now rides to work.

Previously, the lady had used the car for the 6.4 kilometers between her home and her place of work, her own riding stables in Oberweyr, and it took 15 minutes. While the “journey time” now increases to just 40 minutes, the horse trainer saves a lot of money. At the end of the month, she has around 250 euros more.

With the work ride, which also includes a few detours to the mailbox, to the snack bar or to the market, she kills two birds with one stone. “I have to move the horses anyway,” she reports “Bild”.

So every day she takes one of her own ten horses, which she looks after on the farm along with 15 strangers, home with her, where the horse spends the night in the local open stable. In the morning they both go back to the farm. The next day it’s another four-legged friend’s turn. “Of course I take turns,” says the horse trainer.

Now she’s not the only one who rides to work. “My employees have also got a taste for it and ride to and from work. Together we saved 450 euros last month.”

People’s reactions to riders on the road are mostly positive. “Of course they look, some complain. But most of them like it!”

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