for 17 years, Natalia P. worked in Moscow for the Embassy of Switzerland – most recently, she was assistant to the Consul General. Now, it has been provided by the Swiss Federal Department of foreign Affairs (DFA) immediately released. Reason: Natalia P. embezzled about 5 million rubles – the equivalent of 75’000 francs. The SRF reported.

Fake invoices

Busted is P. because of a little thing. As a Swiss citizen wanted his Russian girlfriend to marry, he had to do at the Embassy in Moscow paperwork. Fees were payable for the P. however, no receipt is wanted to exhibit. In a statement at the Embassy, which began promptly investigate the facts of the case. And Natalia P. has uncovered Embezzlement.

So you don’t put pairs only, and you want to get married, fake invoices. Also fees paid on site shall be moved to your bag. A lot of money, you ergaunerte with fake medical bills, which are sent to your employer. She claimed to be cancer.

The competent Russian Ministry has informed the Embassy that the disability certificate of Natalia P. was a fake.

p also raised allegations

“The message has evidence for the opposite of the Person’s allegations and documenting the cases,” writes the EDA on this. Natalia P. has been made matter of by instantly free. Against you in a criminal investigation.

“In connection with the immediate exemption has charged the former employee against the management of the Swiss Embassy in Moscow allegations”, writes EDA spokesman Tilman Renz.

The SRF writes that P. accused the Ambassador of sexual harassment and bullying. “The EDA has no evidence of incorrect behaviour and Ambassador Yves Rossier, and the Team of the Swiss Embassy in Moscow, therefore, his full confidence in their work,” says Renz. (fr)