The oldest monarchy in the world, with Naruhito (59) new ways. Yesterday, invited guests celebrated in 2000, the enthronement of the new Japanese Emperor in the capital city of Tokyo. Representatives from 190 countries were present, including royale heads of state, presidents, princes, and also Federal councillor Viola Amherd (57) took part in the traditional ceremony.

Naruhito wore at the time of his accession to the throne more than a thousand years old costume. The Monarch would show up in the national as well as international openness and the equality of women. Self-aware of his wife, Empress Masako (55) is, at state receptions next to him – and not, as it was with its predecessors of duty, at least a step behind her husband. Also, you must appeal to your man in Public – in the Japanese Royal history, this was frowned upon until now.

of The 126. Tenno, the Emperor is called in Japanese, was the first crown Prince, who was allowed to study abroad. Over the two years at the University of Oxford he later said it was the happiest time of his life. He had felt for the first Time in his life. He went with the Velo in the city for shopping and I also learned “to think for themselves, to decide and things in action,” he said at a media conference. Empress Masako, in turn, the US elite University of Harvard, and a much-visited promising diplomatic career.

The pressure to give birth to an heir to the throne, was the great

But you decided to serve your country, her husband, and the Imperial house. She was under a lot of pressure to give birth to daughter Aiko (17) a male heir to the throne, which never happened. The last years she withdrew. The talk was of depression as a result of an adjustment disorder in relation to its new role. Her husband took them to the public in the protection. “She has tried with great force, the Imperial family to adapt,” he said. Yesterday, she smiled. It is a strong Pair, which is also celebrated by Europe’s high aristocracy.