In the Fribourg sense district, more precisely in Flamatt, Comet home specialist for the most powerful x-ray technology with 1350 employees, 500 of them in Switzerland. The future of the company, a wild and desolate proceedings have started. The Board of Directors and investors are fighting each other in public.

The output location: Comet-VR-President Hans Hess (64), occurs – he is also President of the industry Association Swissmem. The Corporation Veraison is dissatisfied with the proposal for its successor, and ported a candidate of its own – the fight for choice!
Veraison is supported by the US-proxy advisers ISS; the Comet Board of Directors of the collective Ethos. For the first time, Comet-VR member Gian-Luca Bona (62) is talking now about the upcoming fight choice.

Luca Bona: I am on the Board of Directors of Comet. This is a Swiss high-tech pearl. I’m actually first and foremost for the technological side.

We addressed the succession at an early stage, have looked over 40 candidates and the best selected. Now an activist, but of investors and want to plant their own candidate.

It is the right of each shareholder to Express his opinion. Only we are here to have a different view. These investors want to leave the company about a President of their choice, a new strategy. In the space of the split-up and sale of companies share.

We have a craft, such as scientific top people with a common technological base. We have invested in Flamatt 90 million Swiss francs in high-tech equipment. Especially in the digitization. It’s a huge advantage if you can develop everything under one roof. Our different areas of secure itself in the market with each other.

we are aware of. But in the industrial sector, there are cycles. Our strategy is geared to the long term and not just on two years. Our candidate is 54-years-old, the one of activist investors of 67 …

Exactly! Our candidate can work therefore, really, in the long term. What is also in the interest of Switzerland.

I am much more traveling abroad. Our technologies are in demand tremendously. Asian and especially Chinese companies are just waiting for a buying opportunity. Would assume our x-ray business, with a kiss on the Hand. There is a great danger that we offer to them because of such quarrels, our silver Cutlery on the plate.

First of all, for Know-how. Switzerland lives from our skills. But of course, If a technology is gone, are gone, the Jobs.

This is quite realistic. Be aware: The Chinese universities spit out every year a huge number of great-trained chemists and physicists. Just waiting for our Knowledge.

For both! Comet is an example of what is happening today in many smaller companies. Today, we have the following Situation: Our economy is doing well, but in a global perspective, there are a lot of risks. We are only if we keep a cool head and concentrating on our Strengths.

of Course! The Board of Directors has had many discussions. So far, unfortunately, unsuccessful.

you said That. I mass me to judge.

The shareholders will decide. I am convinced that at the end of the best arguments to prevail. And we have good arguments.

I Should be re-elected, I’m going to exercise the shareholders ‘ mandate, of course.