according to The figures, the native of Stuttgart implemented the $ 150 million estimated rotation with his company, centropolis Entertainment and the company, AGC Studios, and CAA Media Finance.

“moon case” will be transported to the moon by mysterious forces out of its orbit and hurtling towards the earth. A colorful motley Saviour-Team is sent into space to avert disaster. The shooting start is planned for the beginning of 2020. About the casts, nothing was yet known.

in Accordance with common scripts for the movies “10’000 B. C.” and “2012” Emmerich and Co-writer Harald Kloser the script for “moon case” as early as 2012 written. Several Studios have expressed interest for the Sci-Fi Disaster.

The “moon case,”-producers want to introduce this month at the Cannes film festival in your project for distributors. Emmerich had found a year ago, buyers for his war drama “Midway”. Hawaiian-turned-Action-Film about an air and naval battle between the United States and Japan in 1942, the island of Midway – with Luke Evans, Woody Harrelson, and Mandy Moore – is coming soon in the cinemas.