504 girls were baptized in the name of Emma and 446 boys to Liam, such as the Federal office for statistics (BFS) announced on Monday. Very popular is the first name Mia (445) and Sofia (342) were with the girls also, for the boys, Noah (443) and Leon (344).

Emma was already in the years 2017, 2014, 2012 and 2011 at the top, Liam took in the years before 2018 the second place.

The first name of the top riders in the year 2018 differ from language area to language area. The German part of Switzerland, has chosen Noah and Mia as the most popular first name. In the French part of Switzerland Liam and Emma dominate. In the Italian part of Switzerland, Leonardo and Sofia grace the top step of the podium. Alessio and Chiara were in the Rhaeto-romance language area on the first rank.

varies From Canton to Canton

As in the whole of Switzerland, Liam and Emma are also in the cantons of Vaud and Valais are very popular, where you stand on the Front line. Depending on the Canton, the preferences vary in the choice of the first name of a newborn. During Ben and Mia are in the cantons of Berne and Lucerne in the first place, it is in Zurich, Noah and Emma, in St. Gallen, Leon and Lea.

In the permanent resident population of Switzerland, Daniel and Mary are the most common first name. The preferences change according to the BFS over time, however, strong. Men born in 1958, Peter is in the first place, in the case of women, Maria. In the Year 1978, in turn, Daniel and Sandra to the list and the 1998-Born of it are Laura and Luca. (SDA)