What exactly happened in the vicinity of the territory of the Emirates, remained unclear. Saudia Arabia’s energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said on Monday according to the Agency, SPA, two Saudi tankers have been damaged. There have been no victims, no pollutants or fuel had leaked.

The concerned ships were reported to be from different countries. The circumstances of the incident would now be investigated, it said. In the Region, the tensions have increased in light of the conflict between the Gulf littoral state, Iran, with the US solid.

The United States, meanwhile, have increased their military presence in the Region. The Pentagon moved the last of the aircraft carrier “USS Abraham Lincoln” and a bomber squadron in the direction of Iran, on grounds that it had evidence that the country attacks on U.S. troops. On Friday, the Ministry also announced the laying of the “USS Arlington” and of the Patriot system in the Region. As in the case of the aircraft carrier, the laying of the “USS Arlington was planned” for quite some time, but was accelerated.