in the Evenings on the Sofa, this is nothing for Emil Steinberger (86). “We have three very nice Sofas in the home, which are still like new. Much longer than five minutes to breathe I don’t spend it.” A number of his evenings this year will spend the most famous Swiss comedian on the stage, he is “Emil” with classic and refreshed Gags once again.

Four years ago, he has adopted after his Comeback with his cult figure. Fatigue Emil does not know. “Maybe this is exactly the medicine that keeps me fresh. Idleness, that was never my thing,” says Steinberger.

activity is a fountain of youth

Be the fountain of youth is the attitude of the age: he wouldn’t think of, was the wand for him, not a measure and a number, which will be taken in our society are much too important for that. “The Year doesn’t matter, it’s about the condition of a people.” Active, the Emil was already at a young age, when he still worked at the post office counter.

even then, he spent his evenings with the construction of the ensemble Cabaradiesli – later, he parodied the Postman on the stage. Old, so he feels comfortable the most, when he sees the conditions at his former employer have changed. “It is sad that there is now more profit and less Service.”

A lucky man, in private and on the stage

Politically, the cult figure of Emil, but not in his old days, he remains the lovable and bumbling Fool, with whom he has inspired over the decades, an audience of millions. That Steinberger makes him even resurgence is due to a single Person. “Without my wife Niccel I would not be standing now on the stage,” says Steinberger.

thirty years Ago, he returned to Switzerland and its cult figure in the back, and moved to New York (USA). “Maybe I would be otherwise. It is easier to go to second life.” In may it will be 20 years since the romantic wedding with Niccel (54). Steinberger device into raptures: “I’m a real lucky guy. We harmonize beautifully, and she takes me so much.”

Niccel is increasingly happening in the spotlight

most of it in the Background. But Emil wants his woman enters with her creativity now increasingly in the spotlight. She is artistically very talented and paints, draws, writes and photographs – everything that Emil did in my past, also very active. Emil laughs and then a little seriously: “One day I’ll actually be here. I wish the Niccel then, with your artistic Talent on my own two feet.”