Nobody wants to experience a medical emergency, but nobody can predict it either. That’s why preparation is so important. In addition to medical care, it is also important to have someone you trust at your side – this can be your emergency contact.

But who calls them when you are unconscious or unresponsive? You can store emergency contacts in your Android cell phone or iPhone so that first responders or medical staff can contact your relatives or view important health information without unlocking the device.

We’ll show you how it works.

With Android, the settings are sometimes different depending on the device manufacturer. On Android 12 on a Samsung device, set up emergency contacts as follows:

All contacts added there can then be called on the lock screen using the “Emergency call” button.

In the same “Security and Emergency” menu, you can also store medical information that emergency services can access directly – you should do this, for example, in the case of various previous illnesses or necessary medication.

It is just as easy to save emergency contacts on iOS as well. To do this, proceed as follows:

Now you can tap on “Emergency ID” on the lock screen and see the selected emergency contacts at a glance. You can also enter health information for rescue workers in the app, including blood group or heart medication.