Only briefly the view from the road – and then it happened: rear-end accidents due to distraction are among the most common accident scenarios. Radio use, Sipping on the Coffee-to-Go-or – totally irresponsible – the view of the Smartphone during the trip, take only a fraction of a second. But long enough that a Crash is inevitable.

An important reinsurance as standard in cars built-in Autonomous emergency braking assistant (Autonomous Emergency Breaking AEB) form. The view by the camera and/or Radar to the front, warn by light and sound to the driver when Approaching an obstacle and not a route even a full braking if the driver reacts. The beginning of 2010, Volvo was already in the first Generation of the XC60. At the time, guaranteed Volvo, the vehicle speed is limited to 30 safely before the obstacle. At higher speeds, after all, the accident would be reduced follow.

BMW and Subaru topp, VW hopp

Nine years later, When their traditional Tannistest, the Jury Car of the Year tests the AEBs 20 car news of the year 2019. With three surprising results. The BMW X7 is coming with a minimum of 2.4 tons of weight from 80 km/h with no driver intervention safely before the obstacle. A ride on Subaru’s new Forester Generation, which can avoid out of pace 85 as the Best of the collision. For Subaru spokesman David Dello-Stritto not surprising: “security is not especially sexy, but for us the most important thing in the vehicle development.” In contrast, VWs disappointed new T-Cross, the stops at 45 km/h is still safe, but at 50 km / h into the obstacle driving. This VW was one of the then new Up in 2011, one of the pioneers in the AEB fitted.


it is important For the Test, the flight box, Sindal was used in the North of Denmark. All subjects were accelerated to a mobile and well-padded obstacle. Then the driver took the feet from the pedals, ignored the warning light and beeper and left the braking is entirely up to the AEB. At each pass, the Approach speed was then increased to five miles an hour. Depending on the model, the possible speeds for safe Stopping between 45 and 85 km/h.

Amazingly varied also, how different, hard or comfortable the 20 test vehicles went into the iron. “The key is the brake system itself is less. It is especially important, as early and as reliable Radar or camera, the obstacle detection”, says test driver, Søren W. Rasmussen, danisches a member of the Jury of Car of the Year. The test results of all models are to be found in the gallery at the top.

Tannistest: Test-Marathon in the North of Denmark

It is the largest independent Autotest of the world: The so-called Tannistest in the North Denmark Bindslev between Hirtshals and Skagen, the members of the European Jury for Car of the Year (it feel once in a year with: – view-car-in-chief Andreas Faust) in the new models of the year on the Tooth. Organized the six-day test event of the Northern European members of the Jury. A pity: The early date of this year led to numerous Cancellations. So Ford Puma, Nissan Juke, Opel Corsa and the new VW Golf to the Test, made it, for example. At the Geneva auto salon 2020 in the coming March, the Jury will announce their favorites of this car class.