June 3 on the multimedia platform Okko will premiere Alexander Kott “Consequences”. In the center of the plot — the story of businessman Andrei (Alexander Samoilenko). A few years ago, he divorced his wife because of infidelity and forbade her to communicate with their three children. But he is diagnosed with a terminal illness, to live Andrew still has a few months, and during that time he must find the one who will educate his daughters. On the eve of the premiere of “AIF” has talked with the actor about the show, his character and upbringing and acting career.Igor Karev, “AIF: How do you define the genre of the series “Consequences”?Alexander Samoilenko: From my point of view, it is very hard romance. This genre is rubber, it can fit anything, I love him. Love it when a film you have to watch not for adventure, but for the feelings of the person, how the wind of feelings carry him from side to side and totally absorbing.— And how do you imagine your character?— The hero I played, discovered cancer, he realizes that he left a little, and he needs somewhere to attach their children, so they are not lost after his death. And I played quite a strong man. He’s a tough, but not strong, even, perhaps, weak, sensitive. In addition, because of the education he is also offended people constantly ridicule mother, how can you not broke, do not know. I met situations when a mother makes his son the victim. Why such an unexpected move with a search of the guardian in case of death? The eldest daughter seems to have grown up, can take responsibility for the younger on…— No, in the story she’s still learning, so it is unlikely that it is trust. But it’s not even whom to leave the children by law, and to whom to entrust the education of children. In this sense searches my hero, I think. It seemed to me that the plot is similar to the tale of Mary Poppins.— Yes, perhaps, if crudely, it is the search for a certain Mary Poppins, but in General this character arises when it is necessary to take children out of a swamp. Here need a woman who will be able to replace the children’s mother. It is clear that mother cannot be replaced, especially if the living present. However, there are more applied and insult my character on his ex-wife who betrayed him, and so he tries to do everything in order not to give children to her. That is, it is gripping the whole complex of feelings, stupid thoughts, some sort of sick fantasy. Especially since he is really sick.— You have four children, three sons are grown-up enough. Had to get in a situation of misunderstanding with them in life and getting out of them?— I with children a good relationship, but I more watched from the sidelines when they were growing up, so this is probably the result of a good upbringing their mothers. Although I was always involved in their lives. My eldest son, incidentally, starred in this film, played bRahl is my character in his youth. He’s not an actor, a lawyer by education, but I got him hooked on the needle, and sometimes it is removed.— Your second son Alexander is also an actor by training and profession. You like that he went on your path? Would like it for other children?— I don’t find acting difficult in relation to the game or something. It is difficult to implement yourself, and therefore very painful, and the actors, as a rule, there is a large number of complexes. But the craziness of this profession, love it that is within me, unusual. This profession is no more: you always try on other people’s images, not even playing, and just living the life of another person.— You have a large filmography, but it includes those movies and TV shows, where it just comes to the education of children: “Daddy’s girls”, “Parents”, “Slave”, “Consequences”. It happened by accident or was a deliberate choice?— (laughs) No, of course! I chose those because I was looking for them, they found me themselves. It’s probably age. Are first children, then parents, then grandparents. So it’s just a series of coincidences. — We can only guess. I understand that “Temporary difficulties” filmed on real events, then there is the mockumentary story, and viewers see it as normal life. And in the case of “Slave”, the situation is quite different: it was originally a Comedy, embodied on-screen fantasy writers. Therefore, the rules of the game that these pictures suggest, are different: in one case, severe in the other audience is invited to laugh, not to think about how to raise children. “Slave” is not really about education, although some notes slip.— In principle, any movie, probably about parenting… Yes, perhaps.— And, it must be the frivolity of the approach of “Slave”?— You know, when you hear the word “serious”, immediately there is a feeling that the film was made lightly. (laughs) No, we did everything seriously. This refers to the approach to the perception of the viewer. In the “Slave” we say that this can be a lot, but let’s fantasize. And the audience dreams along with us. It’s easier to play in comedies or dramas?— I love to act in good projects with good Directors regardless of the genre. But generally the actor, I think, more interesting dramas in which you need to instill in the viewer a sense of empathy. I’m more acted in comedies than in dramas, so I’m not sure I have enough dramatic roles. Filmography-I have a huge and really interesting films can be counted on the fingers of one hand. I don’t cry in movies is hard to find a good script, a good topic.— How do you choose the projects that agree to work?— Rather, according to the Director. I really��aslo with Klim shypenko, and we found each other, and I think it is the number one Director today. If shypenko the film, I’m two hundred percent sure that it will be a good and bad movie. He superinfections, until he does, he will not leave the job. So if I believe in the Director, do not pay attention to the flaws in the script. For example, in “Consequences” I first worked with Alexander Scott and got great pleasure from the process. And the role of such I never played, and for an actor it is very important to try something new.— How do you survive the quarantine days? Of course, already tired of sitting in one place, because I’m more used to the dynamics. But there are positive aspects: I talk a lot with my daughter, which previously could not devote a lot of time, I started working on the script as producer. In General, spent time with advantage. Online movie don’t leave, it must be in reality. As online concerts: when there is no feedback, then it’s probably just cry.