Embassy of the Russian Federation rejected charges of

According to Russian diplomats, what is striking is how this myth is exploited by political forces in the United States to achieve their opportunistic goals. The Embassy noted that the nomination against each other imaginary, unfounded accusations on the “Russian theme” becomes a bad American political tradition, moreover, it harms bilateral relations.

Photo: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky CNN: the U.S. has no evidence of promoting Russia’s re-election trump

the statement stressed that Moscow would not interfere in internal processes in other countries. Diplomats urged politicians to stop allegations. In their opinion, constructive and pragmatic dialogue between Russia and the United States is very important for the world community. The Russian side also confirmed its readiness for a substantive discussion with the American side subjects of information security and other problems.

Earlier, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov declared that such charges have nothing to do with the truth. According to him, this is another paranoid message, which, unfortunately, will be more and more as you get closer to the election.