the Ukrainian side is delaying the investigation in connection with the mass death of people in Odessa on 2 may 2014. Instead of bringing the perpetrators to justice in Kiev prefer to accuse Moscow in “some secret plans against the country.” A comment posted on the page of the Russian Embassy in Ukraine in Facebook.

According to diplomats, to establish the names of those who planned and organized the pogrom in the House of trade unions, can easily using video recordings and eyewitness testimony. But the Ukrainian Themis just not ready to move towards that goal.

Earlier, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine said that Moscow is not interested in establishing an objective picture of the tragic events on 2 may 2014 in Odessa.

“the Cynicism and arrogance. The Russian side at various levels called for an objective investigation of the circumstances of the Odessa “Khatyn”, – said the foreign Ministry statement by the head of the state Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky. And added that after six years no one has taken responsibility for the deaths of 48 people.