Group D

The Boys in Green against the Mini-state of Gibraltar to burn anything. Manager did not honor the Underdog of the Ball, only to the degree it works in the case of the Irish. From 31 degrees just a Ball finds its way into the goal. The guide hits a Gibraltar player self-inflicted. Ireland is the next opponent of our national team, on 5. September plays Switzerland in Dublin.
goals: 29. Chipolina (ET) 1:0, 93. Brady 2:0

The Danes take the role of a favorite in Copenhagen, immediately in the Hand. After 13 minutes, Ajax striker Dolberg turns a head to the ball template from Poulsen scores in the network. Actually, the Scandinavians have the game running in the handle, in the 25. Minute-raising, however, in a hair-lock. The Underdog is creating the balance. The Georgian pleasure, but only briefly, because Superstar is bringing Eriksen to the favorites only five minutes later, again on the right track. Dolberg, Poulsen and Braithwaite put in passage 2 the lid.
goals: 13. Dolberg 0:1, 25. Lobjanidze 1:1, 30. Eriksen 2:1, 64. Dolberg 3:1, 73. Poulsen 4:1, 5:1 Braithwaite 5:1

group A

The Team of coach Bernard Challandes also remains in Bulgaria unbeaten. Thanks to a goal in the 93. Minute by Rashani, the Kosovars get the victory. FCZ-Kolloli may be an Assist to be credited. The last defeat for Kosovo, there was on 9. October 2017 (!) – a remarkable run.
goals: 14. Rashica 0:1, 43. Popov 1:1, 55. Dimitrov 2:1, 64. Muriqi 2:2, 93. Rashani 2:3

goals: 18. Jankto 1:0, 49. Kopitović (ET) 2:0, 82. Schick (Pen.) 3:0

group B

doors: 6. Yaremchuk 1:0 < / strong>

goals: 20. Mitrovic 1:0, 34. Mitrovic 2:0, 35. Jovic 3:0, 71. Novikovas (Pen.) 3:1, 92. Ljajic 4:1

group F

The Spaniard RUB after 15 minutes, surprised eyes. Parejo puts wonderful on Rodrigo, this turns. However, the flag of the line judge shows against the sky – a wrong decision. Spain dominated the game, Sweden tried it – as usual – to destroy. And that works. The Iberians from the bite to the tough Northern countries the teeth. Up to 63. Minute: Asensio shoots Larsson in the penalty area to the Arm. Ramos transformed the due hand penalty scores, hits in the last eight Games seven Times for Spain. Morata is increased shortly before the end from the point and oyarzábal gives Sweden four minutes before the end, the coup de Grace.
goals: 64. Ramos (Pen.) 1:0, 85. Morata 2:0, 86. Oyarzábal 3:0

goals: 7. Puscas 0:1, 29. Puscas 0:2, 34. Chipciu 0:3, 91. You 0:4

goals: 49. Johnsen, 0:1, 83. Johnsen, 0:2

group G

Lugano-clippers Crnigoj plays in the Latvian capital big. The 23-Year-old puts together a double-pack. the
goals: 24. Crnigoj 0:1, 26. Crnigoj 0:2, 29. Illcic (Pen.) 0:3, 44. Illcic 0:4, 47. Zajc 0:5

neighboring Austria of which comes with the terror of it. In the 18. Minute köpfelt Frankfurt-defender Hinteregger to GC-Goalie Lindner over into his own goal. The favorite of the Alps returns skillfully the game, however. (jsl)
goals: 18. Hinteregger (ET) 1:0, 39. Lazaro 1:1, 62. Jordi Gómez (Pen.) 1:2, 82. Arnautovic 1:3, 86. Bejtulai (ET) 1:4

goals: 35. Piatek 1:0, 56. Lewandowski (Pen.) 2:0, 58. Grosicki 3:0, 84. Kadzior 4:0