It’s a duel like that of David against Goliath. Football dwarf Gibraltar tonight in Sion in the Swiss national team to host. The Gibraltarian playing this year without a point. In the current EM-Quali you can after four games, still no goal to achieve. The Goal Difference? 0:12.

The roles are distributed in the Tourbillon clear. The white also Gibraltar Captain Roy Chipolina. To play “against Switzerland, is very hard. But not only for us but for every Team that applies to the Swiss,” says the 36-Year-old to Sunday views. “They have top players and are the masses deserves to be far ahead in the Fifa rankings. It will be hard, but we will be ready.”

“, are Only a few of us are full-time professionals,”

Chipolina has 37 international caps for Gibraltar on the hump. In his home country, he plays for Lincoln Red Imps – like many of his national team colleagues. In the last two years, the Central defender is allowed to lift the Champions trophy twice in the level. In spite of Successes and over 70 games for Lincoln may not call Chipolina but football professional. He worked as a customs officer. “Only a few of us are full-time professionals,” he explains. “We need to bring our work to life with the football in harmony. But in Games like this against Switzerland, it’s worth it.”

a Big honor for the Gibraltar players. For the first Time ever, the national team will be playing in a Game. Pro Evolution Soccer (PES image) has secured the rights to the jerseys, the logo and the players of Gibraltar. At the big competitors, “Fifa 20”, however, is still waiting in vain for the Gibraltarian playing. PES 2020 appears to be on the 10. September.

His Cousin Joseph, for example, who plays for the national team, is a prison guard. After he took a shot last year, his country’s 2:1 win against Liechtenstein in the Nations League would have congratulated him, the inmates in jail the next day. “Apparently, they all have a knock on their cell doors, as I scored a goal,” says Joseph Chipolina later, when “The Telegraph”.

Gibraltar since 2013 Uefa member

Of football in Gibraltar is developed. Since 2013, the country of Uefa is a member of. Official countries games may now be in their own country held. It was not always so: two years Ago, it has been the home games in Portugal in Estadio Algarve to play, because the only stadium in Gibraltar, the Victoria Stadium, not for Uefa matches was allowed. This has changed in the last year, after the stadium was rebuilt. For the EM-qualification game in November, the Swiss national team will travel to Gibraltar and not to Portugal.

Chipolina can expect the duels against Switzerland. “I look forward to Granit Xhaka. I’ve been my whole life, a big Arsenal Fan,” says the London-born Gibraltarian playing, the shows can be found on his Twitter Account with his two sons in the Gunners Shirt. “But as soon as I stand against the Switzerland on the lawn, I’m going to focus only on something: to give everything for my country.”

Then he will be – at least for 90 minutes and a little more – no Xhaka Fan. On The Contrary. Then he wants to stop as a David to the Goliath.

Switzerland: 1895Gibraltar: 1895

Switzerland: 300 million Frank Gibraltar: 220’000 Swiss francs

Switzerland: Granit Xhaka (50 million francs)Gibraltar: Liam Walker (100’000 Swiss francs)

Switzerland: St. Jakob-Park (38’500 Fans)Gibraltar, Victoria Stadium (5’000 Fans)

Switzerland: 11. Gibraltar: 198. Place

Switzerland: Since 1904Gibraltar: not Yet

Switzerland recorded: Since 1954Gibraltar: Since 2013

Switzerland: 8.4 million Gibraltar: 34’500

Switzerland: 41’285 km2Gibraltar: 6.8 km2

Switzerland: 1’440Gibraltar: 8

The European football championship 2020 will be quite different: For the first time, the EM of more than two Nations will be played. 24 Teams compete in 13 venues for the coveted championship title. Semi-finals and Final will take place in London’s Wembley stadium.