In the past few months, had to chew stockbrokers hard bread. Globally, the major indices have dropped sharply. The US leading index Dow Jones has lost since September, about ten percent, as well as the technology stock exchange Nasdaq. The Dax stock Chart crashed to the lowest level in two years. The SMI lost over two percent. And the engine of the stock market darlings such as Apple, Amazon and Facebook is arg stumble.

While the stock markets worldwide are to be found in the down mode, shows the share of Tesla to the top. Since the beginning of October, she has had more than 20 percent, takes a record high of USD 390 per share in its sights. The shares of Apple, the once most valuable company in the world, has lost in the same period, more than 20 percent.

worth More than BMW, Ford, and GM

In the summer, everything looked different, Tesla was by no means cheap in the first place. The market value of the Elon Musk-run Company, but has risen now to almost $ 65 billion. This is considerably more than BMW, Ford or General Motors on the scale. The reasons why the investors have to Elon Musk, the “Manager Magazin”.

The most important reason is that Tesla has brought to his near-death experience in the stock market in the summer. Between July and October, the doubts as to whether Tesla can handle the step up from the money-devouring electric car Start-up to car mass producers began to increase.

Added to this were concerns about whether Elon Musk is still in the position to lead Tesla. The day of truth for Tesla, the announcement of the balance sheet for the third quarter was the beginning of October, Tesla announced that for the first time in two years, a profit, on a turnover of 6.8 billion dollars 312 million euros, the profit remained.

The production goals for Tesla’s Model 3, Musk the step up to a mass manufacturer of electric cars intends to create, after a multi-week break is reached. The share of the company, which has burned in the second quarter of 718 million dollars, jumped on this day, two digits to the top. “We were only a few weeks away from going Broke,” said Musk, subsequently, in an Interview.

duties for unwelcome competition

The second reason for Tesla’s boom: Donald Trump threatened tariffs on Import cars pollute the global competition. Donald trump’s protectionist policies and fears of a global trade war hit the stock markets in the world.

However, for Tesla, which now wants to conquer the U.S. home market with the family sedan Model 3, the mean duties, the defense of unwelcome competition. At the latest in 2019, BMW, Daimler and VW with new electric models wanted for a counter-attack of the backswing, and Tesla also on the home market competition. However, the import customs duties, is expected this endeavor to be extremely difficult.

Tesla could get an a in the company the decisive Phase from the White house and may exploit its home advantage to the full. Already now, Tesla’s Model 3 is the best-selling model in its class in the United States, and is set down at the paragraph before the C-class from Mercedes. (zas)