Elon Musk: Tesla is ready to make devices for lung ventilation

the Head of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk has announced readiness to the production of apparatuses for artificial ventilation of the lungs. The businessman stressed that if necessary, the power company allow to organize the production of ventilation devices that can help with severe forms of the disease coronavirus infection COVID-19.

So Musk responded to the words of the chief editor of FiveThirtyEight Nate silver wrote on Twitter about the lack of ventilation devices in American hospitals. “Tesla makes cars with complex systems of ventilation, conditioning and heating of air. SpaceX builds spaceships with life support systems. Fans are not difficult, but it can’t be made instantly. Which hospitals are experiencing a shortage that you speak of?” – asked him for the Mask.

Nate said that an acute lack of equipment, according to him, there is in new York and Seattle, and urged the responsible persons to apply directly to him and the Mask. The dialogue began to join hundreds of other users, requiring the entrepreneur to start the production of ventilation devices as soon as possible.

There’s a shortage now, how many ventilators you making @elonmusk? https://t.co/hsaP9RMDZK

– Nate Silver (@NateSilver538) March 19, 2020

Tesla is not the only automaker that has facilities and expertise for the production of ventilation devices. As Autoblog writes, talks about the reorientation of production with the US authorities are already General Motors and Ford.

the world health organization (who) recommends the use of apparatus for artificial lung ventilation in the treatment of coronavirus-infected patients with shortness of breath, or hypoxemia (low blood oxygen). Ventilation devices help people breathe, which once infected may develop pneumonia, and allow more time for treatment.

Text: News.Hi-tech