Elon Musk has sold his mansion in the prestigious area of Los Angeles for $ 29 million, reports the Wall Street Journal. Initially, the house with seven bedrooms, a library, a home cinema, a tennis court, gym, swimming pool and wine cellar, the owner asked for 30 million. The publication gives a curious detail, selling real estate involved personally Max, which is not used by agencies.

“house of the entrepreneur bought the company with limited liability associated with Chinese businessman, billionaire and founder of NetEase William lei Dean,” – says the publication.

Meanwhile, the Tesla Corporation, which is owned by Elon musk, has decided to freeze bonus payments to employees. This is due to the impact of the pandemic coronavirus, which significantly impacted on the economy. CNBC reported, citing caught at his disposal the letter head of the company’s HR Department Valerie Capers of Workman. The decision is justified “by the prosperity of the company after the pandemic.” The company Tesla has 48 thousand people. Initially it specialized only in the production of electric cars, but now the Corporation is also engaged in the creation of solar panels and other energy-storage systems.