American businessman and entrepreneur Elon Musk is cursed in Russian language, former U.S. labor Secretary Robert Reich on Twitter.

Reich wrote in his Twitter account that the Mask threatens to put people out of work if he was not allowed to risk their health.

“Capitalism at its worst,” said the American.

In response, Musk called the Minister “an idiot” by writing it under the post in the Russian language.

Earlier it was reported that Tesla will resume at the main plant in the US despite the ban by the district administration. We are talking about the factory in Fremont, California, where electric vehicles. The company began the process of resuming activities based on the “recommendations of the Governor of California, backed by science and reliable data of the health sector”. In addition, Musk announced the transfer of the headquarters company of Palo Alto (California) because of the ongoing ban of the authorities on the resumption of its factory in Fremont.