The police department has a opsporingsbericht spread to manage the the 24-year-old Eloïse, on the 7th of February aanreed in Liège, Amay. The home helper was run over by a white BMW and then struck by a Wave coming from the other direction arrived.

“After the first crash, I some time have rechtgestaan, but at the same time, I get hit by a car by another car,” says the woman in It. The driver of the last waggon was stopped, but the driver of the white BMW, he vluchtmisdrijf.

now, with The police spread, therefore, is a opsporingsbericht a robotfoto of the young driver. Here it is everyone, who have any information about the accident is asked to contact us. This can be done via the toll-free telephone number, 0800/30.300.