this year the system of domestic breeding and seed production has been radically updated, and it has influenced the results, said the first Deputy Minister of agriculture Dzhambulat Hatuov at the exhibition “Russian field day”. So, according to him, the leaders of the territories have the responsibility to ensure that the increase in the share of domestic seed at least 5% per year for five years. With them, responsibility was shared by the heads of institutes, the contracts which in addition to the usual create variety or hybrid, and its registration spelled out the duty to market these varieties and hybrids.

Also, according to hatuova, most regions adopted the recommendations of the Ministry of agriculture should be excluded from the use of the third seed reproduction, but to increase the share of elite seeds. As noted by the first Deputy Minister, many regions have already demonstrated that the quality of domestic seeds are not inferior to foreign. This year was organized by 1.3 thousand demonstration fields, which along with foreign seed was used by domestic.

for Example, in Mordovia in 2007 was about 600 varieties of sugar beet from different countries. “The quality and productivity we began to lean to the Russian production. One of the hybrids of the third year ranked first in yield. Another in times of drought ranked second. 70% of Mordovia sown with the hybrids of the Russian production”, – said the Deputy Director of raw materials “Romodanovsky” Victor Zakharkin.

this year has managed to create a domestic market of elite seeds, and that’s a huge achievement. In addition, the reduced share of mass reproductions, to the end of the year it will be reduced to zero, the Director of the agricultural centre Alexander Malko. However, in his opinion, we need not to disperse its efforts on the promotion of all the thousands of varieties registered in the registry. It is important to focus only on those that show the best results. Less varieties, less the cost of production, the expert argues.

the domestic breeding Potential is great to restore the reputation of all crops to the Russian agricultural producers will have soon, I’m sure Dzhambulat Hatuov. Another thing is that not always Russian farmers kept growing technology, do not fulfill the recommendations for fertilizers, plant protection means, working on the technique, which does not provide accurate seed placement in the soil. In addition, the domestic seed producers, unlike their foreign counterparts, are poorly promote their product. In this direction remains to be addressed, said house.

According to the agriculture Ministry, every year the country planted about 11 million tons of seeds of agricultural plantstions. According to the Department, at the end of 2019, the share used in Russia seeds of domestic selection was 62.7%. Whereas in the Doctrine of food security threshold value in the provision of domestic seeds identified in 75%. Most Russian farmers dependent on imported seeds of sugar beet (for domestic seeds accounted for 0.6% of total volume). On potato, the share of imported seeds exceeds 90%, sunflower – more than 73%, spring rape – almost 69 percent.