you will feel at ease in your body. “I have lost 18 pounds without a diet,” says Ex-Bachelorette Eli Simic (30), which was a year ago, the mother of Mia (1). “It was important to come to the pregnancy without the pressure back on the weight that I had before. It didn’t matter to me, I know a lot of Shitstorm and it is in the comments had read, I was too fat for the Public.”

The pounds are tumbled within the last three months, with a mixture: “A large part is due to breast-feeding leave. I did that for nine months, now Mia prefer to eat Spaghetti,” she says, laughing and takes. “Further Kilos melted by a Personal Training, as well as by a bowel and Detoxification,” says the St. Galleries with Serbian roots, says about her new body feeling: “I feel sexier and more confident.”

you will receive a lot of encouragement from other mothers

So you cradle currently 57 kilos at a Size of 1.68 meters. “I get a lot of encouragement. Of course, by men, but also of many other mothers who think it’s cool that I’ve been taking my time, the pressure from the outside could resist. I think it’s important and makes me happy.”

“Now, only the dream man is missing me,” says the rose kavalierin of 2017, which is for half a year, the single. How to be and what he would have best must, know Simic very well: “in Addition to the that he must be loving and loyal and make me Laugh, I’m large, male, men, who are trained by and hair only on the head,” she says laughing and adds: “And I stand on Tattoos. If one has none, then he made one.”