Coronavirus found in Russian Paradiski Elena Sparrow. About the artist reported in his Instagram.

according to Sparrow, her diagnosis she found out three days ago, but talking about it publicly resolved immediately. “First, didn’t know what this would do to my dad, he’s core, man’s very emotional. secondly, thought that all the virus got sick”, she said.

Publish from Elena Sparrow (@vorobei_elena) 31 May 2020 12:07 PDT

According to the artist, her condition worsened on the second day: backache and muscular pain, it was impossible to sleep. “Today I take it easy, but the state is clearly not stable,” she said.

Earlier, the Sparrow complained that due entered in connection with the coronavirus bans, it ceased to make money, just like many other artists. She admitted that in connection with the situation she had to sell the apartment in Montenegro near the coast.