is not joke That Elena Miras (27), had to find their rivals in the jungle camp, on the rough way. Now, the Zurich-based Reality-TV-Star with Comedian Oliver Pocher (42) put on themselves. Because already a few days ago this Influencer criticized for it, to show your children on Instagram.

Then it rained also in the direction of Elena-hate comments – because your daughter Aylen (1) is regularly seen on your profile. “Thank you, Oliver,” she said at the time, being sarcastic to Pocher. “Thank you for the damn harassment.”

conversation on Instagram

Now everything seems good again. On Instagram, the two were in a live stream. As the “Love Island”-winner of the meant, that you find it funny that Pocher people moving into the Ridiculous, he replied: “Yes, This is a narrow ridge. Sometimes you have to Express the crass, as it is.”

Also, he says that Elena is in fact not a Influencerin. “You’re Department Ficki-Ficki-island,” he said. “You do have a very high entertainment degree, because you’re freaking out just so unbelievable.” The Swiss way smiled at the provocation.

Miras to be made and then a step to the Comedian. “Mike and I have a long talk, and I’ll show the Little less than before,” she said. It could even happen that Aylen is no longer to be seen. (bnr)