Elena Letuchaya broke a rib

Presenter Helen Volatile broke a rib and was eliminated from the show “Dancing with the stars.” This is stated on the website of the TV channel project “Russia”.

“We just found out that I have a serious trauma – a fracture of the tenth rib, which does not allow then to dance. I thought it was a bruise, and we danced the Rumba with a fracture on the pain”, she said.

According to Fly, the doctors forbade her to leave the dance floor and she is forced to leave.

“yesterday I cried – it was so sad, we tried very hard,” she said.

As reported by “the Rambler,” before Elena Volatile posted in Instagram a video message in which declared intention to sue the NTV because of the appearance in the “Stars aligned” false information about her family.

To order such a surprise, fans should contact the PR team, she explained.