Intelligence, openness, delicacy and depth, – this is her style. In life and on stage. And yet – delicate, so alien to modern pop “stars”.

– In the childhood I was a very shy child, – shared the singer with the correspondent “RG”. – All went out of the house, and only then did I begin to sing what I heard on the radio. Climbed to the attic and read the poems.

the Promise to act was in me. But to make it public I didn’t even come to mind. When I first decided to go on stage in tenth grade, didn’t understand that the public alone – though fantastic, but a terrible thing. And you have to be ready for it. In General, I could not resist, swept from one backstage to another, and fled.

Maybe it was the birth of a special brittle manner Elena Kamburova?

Maybe. Once, when I was already studying at the School of circus and variety arts, a wonderful teacher Sergey Andreevich Castelan offered to listen to songs Novella Matveeva. I realized that these verses can be read, adding a bit of vocals.

P. S. Low, intelligent manner Kamburova singing poetry has become a phenomenon and intonation of a whole generation. However, today Elena Antonovna has its own fan club. Offer to join him, listening to the best songs of the actress.