In our country the work of private investigators is still exotic. Although announcements about the provision of services of private detectives in the vast domestic Internet is not just a lot, a lot. Private detectives vying to offer their services – to follow, to learn, to find out.

About the great private detectives written a lot of books – from novels to short stories, shot hundreds of films and even cartoons. The most popular of them – Sherlock Holmes – was not in a hurry in the morning to the office, think outside the box, seen the parts that are not noticed by others, and his talent was considered by the London police, asking for help when it was difficult to find evidence.

But in real life private investigation in other countries has a century long tradition and entered the legal field. Private detectives serve both ordinary citizens and major corporations. Foreign insurance companies and reputable banks, auction houses and major companies that work with private detectives. It is important that all materials collected by private detectives, are fully accepted by local law enforcement agencies and the courts.

In our country the detective Agency is also working. But the question is: what the customer received from the private investigator information? If gathered by a private detective for information is only needed for myself or for showing friends is one thing. But a request that the police took photos and reports of a private investigator, is likely to be refused. In the courts, the clients of private detectives are facing the same situation.

the author of the bill offered amend article 89 of the CCP and, in fact, to equate private detective work for operative-investigative activities. That is, if the bill becomes law, these “private” information, will take all – the courts, the police, the Investigative Committee.

In fact, such amendments to the law are long overdue. It is no secret that if not happened a resonant crime, our bodies because of the congestion, can your business to investigate indefinitely.

When you may need a private detective?

In our country most often it is surveillance of a spouse to confirm infidelity. In second place is the determination of the circle of teenage Smoking does, does he use drugs. There is a demand for search and detection of listening devices and extraction of information about employees, potential business partners. Private detectives looking for missing persons, property and documents.

the detective agencies convince the client that the cooperation of the private investigator’s lawyers will give the client the best chance to win. But this is more advertising. Detectives often attract customers by claiming that they can provide those services that are not within the purview of the police. For example, a search of the leak of trade secrets.

a Private investigator we can��t to participate in the questioning of witnesses, the examination of the crime scene, gathering facts and evidence on the application from the client for submission to the court, however, independently of criminal investigation does. It is the prerogative of the investigating authorities.

According to the law “On private detective and security activity” the ability of Russian private detectives limited. They have the right to gather evidence in civil and criminal cases, search for missing persons and lost property, deal with the protection of trademarks and commercial secrets, to collect information for business negotiations, to verify personal details of applicants with their written consent. Yet they are allowed to look in the Executive production of the debtors, their property and children who are hiding from the mother or father other parent.

nothing More. To follow the man, for example, is allowed only with his written consent. Listen to the phone and view the correspondence is especially prohibited. To request information from police and other official bodies, the detectives again are not eligible.

But in Russia there’s a black market databases. But it is illegal. So the detectives almost no say on their methods.

Here is one of the latest examples of the successful work of a private detective. A resident of Moscow successfully, as it seemed, passed the apartment in the so-called Stalinka at the Belarusian station. Serious tenant asked him every month not to bother and paid the woman for the year ahead.

a year later, the hostess came to visit the tenant and was surprised a new door to his apartment. And behind the door, was, for almost a year lives a family of the businessman from neighboring countries, which bought in the capital the apartment of “hostess” and made repairs to your taste. It turned out the tenant had forged the passport of the proprietress and with the help of a friend sold the apartment.

Police sent the landlady to court to find out “civil relations” with this family. A fraudster refused to look. Only detective hired within two months found a tenant and helped the hostess to gather evidence for criminal prosecution. However, it cost the Muscovite expensive. Private detective services are billed in the capital daily.

Criminal procedural legislation formally allows to attach the results of the private investigation as evidence, but direct reference to it there.

the Deputy sounded the data of the Prosecutor General: in 55.8% of cases, investigators refused to use materials in private investigation from-for absence in the criminal procedure code of the related item.

According to the author of the bill, in Russia today, was 995 private detectives. But in fact, they are much larger and demand is growing.

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