Electronic industry seeks support from the state

electronics Manufacturing is one of the most globalized and dependent on imports. According to Ivan Pokrovsky, Executive Director of ARPA, civil electronics more than 90% of components are imported, and a significant part of the cost of the final product has a foreign exchange pricing. At fixed ruble prices, many long-term government contracts became unprofitable for enterprises of the industry after the devaluation of the ruble in March.

Photo: Oleksandr Kondratyuk/RIA Novosti Mishustin discussed the development of the domestic electronic industry

Dependence on foreign suppliers leads to the impossibility of fulfillment of production plans by many businesses, says Pokrovsky. Quarantine introduced the world’s largest manufacturers, interrupted the process chain and cut off the Russian electronics manufacturers from access to components and materials.

In the letter, the Ministry asked to lower to the industry fiscal burden, reduce the time payments to improve the efficiency of use of working capital, and to eliminate administrative barriers.

for Assistance, on the contrary, significant negative impact from the epidemic of the coronavirus or the fall of the ruble is not felt. “We have to respond quickly to the situation in the world and to make adjustments in the work with suppliers. Where necessary, developed alternative sources of components, in particular, China,” – said the Corporation. They also noted a recovery in exports to China – compared with the situation deidamioides subsidiary of Rostec Ruselectronics even increased the supply of sealed magnetically operated contacts.

the Russian retail happening in the world talso is not affected. According to a survey by market research Institute GfK, the tenth week 2020 shipment distributors retail players yet to happen in Russia in the usual way. Moreover, in the beginning of 2020 7.5% grew sales of key product groups of household appliances and electronics.

Photo: iStock In Tomsk created nanopoulos for flexible electronics

However, as explained in the industry, notable manufacturers of household and consumer electronics we have. A large part of household appliances are imported, which are still prevalent in the electronics market in Russia.

So, if we compare the data of the Rosstat on exports and imports of individual articles, we can see the tremendous difference in volume. For example, in January 2020, Russia exported telephones and other means for wireless communication by 38.8 million dollars, and imported similar products on 756,7 million dollars. Exports went to medical appliances for 4.4 million dollars, and imported to 104,5 million dollars. Russia exported vacuum of 3.9 million dollars from abroad delivered by 35.8 million.

At the meeting in the government devoted to development of electronic industry, the trade and industry Minister Denis Manturov announced that the government plans to focus on the development of several narrow niches. “We need to focus on high-margin niches such as believe that radio Photonics, artificial intelligence technology, the quantum simulation. In these areas we have a good competence, and global market for them is being formed. Given this, we can compete with other countries in their development, using a partnership with Russian companies-leaders in the state supported through a consolidated order,” said MinistR.

Photo: Gettyimages prices of imported vehicles in Russia last week increased by 12%

agree With this approach in Association of the Russian manufacturers of electronics. “To compete with China, you need to choose those areas in which added value for the development of units of equipment will be as high as possible, otherwise the production will be unprofitable. If China is producing tens and even hundreds of millions of pieces of equipment, trying to compete with such a scale the production of thousands of units are doomed to failure,” – says Ivan Pokrovsky.

According to the REC, Russia in 2019 increased its exports of certain domestic and consumer appliances – toasters (+38%), microwave ovens (+30%), computers and components (+30%). The largest volume of exports showed manufacturers of washing machines – in terms of value of shipments reached 337,2 million dollars.

Some of the Russian electronics manufacturers have been particularly successful. For example, in Chelyabinsk “planar” is among the world market leaders in measuring equipment and is a supplier to Boeing. Yekaterinburg “InfiNet” is one of the leaders on world market of equipment fixed radio communications, and the Moscow company “Biocad” is steadily expanding its share of the world market of transport monitoring. There are more than 200 private Russian companies export their products, according to ARPA.