Actually, Micro builds since the end of the 1990s, scooter. A few years ago, the Swiss micro mobility is the most made with the planning of a electrical new edition of the BMW Isetta, the micro-Lino, was the talk of the. 2019 it came to legal squabbles, the micro Lino was in danger. At the car salon in Geneva, the Swiss want to lie down now, a real home game and present three new electric vehicles.

Micro shows new micro-Lino, in Geneva,

your city car micro Lino has revised Micro for Geneva. The new Design will have, for example, States 17,000 people have reserved the City car already, via the Online survey. “It was important for us that we can integrate the micro-Lino-Community as strong as possible in the development process. The micro Lino 2.0, we want to make the a lot more consistent than before,“ says micro-Lino-founder Oliver Ouboter. “In the future, our customers will be able to make decisions – for example, in the case of rims, and seat covers”, so Ouboter more.

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the Micro has decided in January 2020, to revise the structure of the vehicle of the Microlinos completely, in order to improve the quality, safety, and driving behavior. In addition, the suspension is designed completely new and the rear axle greatly broadened. The new electric motor increases the performance and should be significantly more efficient than the old Version. The interior is more spacious.


The steering column has revised Micro: From now on, you is fix and no longer folds forward when you Open the door, which is intended to improve the safety and steering response. In addition, the narrow held A-pillar increases the visibility compared to the old Version. The Design of the interior is to be unveiled on the first press day of the Geneva car salon. The basic technical data as well as the range of up to 200 kilometers and the price of 12,000 euros, will not change, however. The start of production is scheduled for 2021. The spacey electric-Egg in the Video-Test of The spacey electro-and-Egg on a large Video Test

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“We had some delays and legal disputes, we could but behind us now and are at full throttle because the vehicle according to our ideas develop,” said Ouboter.

electric tricycle Microletta coming to Geneva

The second novelty is the Microletta, a three-wheeled E-scooter is. Visually, the Microletta on the Retro-Isetta-Design of the Microlinos oriented. The Microletta is otherwise designed as a tricycle for children, there are two wheels on the front – similar to three-wheeled Vespa scooter. The two front wheels, so you should for better cornering stability and better braking than ordinary two-wheeled concerns. Replaceable batteries, with over 100 kilometers of range, enable the Charging at a desired household outlet. For around 5000 euros, the Microletta you can make a reservation. When the production starts, is still unclear. MICRO EFAHRER

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Micro shows new E-Scooter: A is for Audi

Also, Micro is showcasing its new E-Scooter Generation. Starting with the Micro Commuter, a ultra lightweight and compact E-Scooter with removable battery. Per battery charge, the range is only 10 kilometers. The battery packs are interchangeable and only the size of a Powerbank. You can actually use it as a Powerbank and you charge a Smartphone. Design of the past, today’s technology: The new E-Isetta in Check FOCUS Online Design from the past, today’s technology: The new E-Isetta in Check

A number larger and more comfortable, the E is supposed to be Scooter Micro Explorer: with a good climbing ability and a range of up to 30 kilometers. The front and rear suspension, he should be able to shocks to better absorb. The Explorer is put into a Micro Version, and a Mercedes Version on the market. Target market start is the spring of 2020.

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a new four-wheeled E-Scooter want to introduce to Micro in Geneva. The Swiss have developed for the Bavarian car maker Audi. By shifting your weight, the Audi Micro should be driving a Scooter with only one Hand. Technical Details will not be disclosed at this time.

All three E-scooters are the Micro-App compatible. This offers different driving modes, and data for CO2 savings, among other things, the possibility to lock the E-Scooter and navigate to a destination. Micro builds only for Audi E-Scooter. “Manufacturers such as Peugeot, BMW and Mercedes work together with Micro, in order to develop their E-Scooter in the Co-Branding together with us and sell,“ says Wim Ouboter, who founded the company in 1999.

This article was written by Moritz Diethelm

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