Electoral court of Bolivia confirmed that Morales is not eligible for election to the Senate

Former President of Bolivia, Evo Morales denied registration as a candidate for election to the Senate. This was stated by the Supreme electoral court of Bolivia, which performs the functions of the electoral Commission.

According to the judges, Morales did not fulfill the requirement for permanent residence in Bolivia. The fact that after the resignation in November of last year, Morales left the country and went to Mexico and then to Argentina, which granted him refugee status.

At the same time to participate in the elections admitted supporter of Morales, a former Minister of economy Luis Arce, who is running for President.

In November of last year, Evo Morales, under pressure from the military were forced to leave the country (after the presidential elections, his main rival said it would not recognize the victory of Morales in the first round). In Bolivia, the government has taken up the opposition leader – Deputy speaker of the Senate Jeannine Agnes. She promised the people of Bolivia new presidential elections are scheduled for mid-March. Morales to participate in them banned.

New elections are scheduled for may 3.