are as honest as Nikita Schaffner or Franziska Schwentner few. “I choose two reasons: laziness and coziness,” says the 24-year-old technician. “I do Choose, because it is terrible, like lying, threatening and cheating,” says the 57-year-old office worker.

The two belong to the majority – of those 52 percent that did not participate in the last parliamentary elections. Nevertheless, the choice of abstinence for many is fraught with shame. “I would like to spare my sons awkward questions,” says the cleaning lady, Claudia M.*, 51, which is why she wants to remain anonymous. The sons would have to listen to your mother was stupid, and complain only, instead of changing something. “I am aware that it is not counterproductive, if it chooses,” says Claudia M.

a Lot of cheating

“Who does not choose, does not apply in Switzerland as a good citizen,” says the Bernese political scientist Markus Freitag. In interviews after the elections will be cheated therefore. Up to three-quarters of the respondents say they selected would have – but less than half did it.

don’t Want to or can’t. Many see the choice of abstinence is a fundamental Problem. Political scientist Friday. “The key is not why people choose.” Three circumstances a distinction should be made: A Person does not want to, because it interests you. A Person can’t, because she perceives herself as knowledgeable enough. A Person does not comes with the theme policy is to be in contact, because she is socially isolated. In the last two cases, the choice of abstinence is problematic, because it was done voluntarily.

non-voters share is constant,

In the case of the cleaning lady, Claudia M. the Chance that you will eventually choose. “I’m working on it, to deal more with politics, so I learn to look behind the Scenes and to choose wisely.” People like to motivate you should be the target, says political scientist Markus Freitag. If the technician is Nikita Schaffner, however, remains to lazy to Choose, he feels that as less problematic.

The proportion of Not choosing is in Switzerland since the introduction of the women’s right to vote almost 50 years ago, fairly constant. “Only when large parts of the population would like to see the stability of our country and our way of life threatened, would not change that a bit,” says Friday.

The the non-voters

don’t say “I choose, because to me part of the confidence in our System. As long as in Swiss politics, lobbyists and industry a free Hand sizes, and it is for us voters is not visible who’s giving whom the Ball, I wonder how useful it is to choose a national politician.”

“The essential questions in our country are not addressed seriously. It deals rather with the design of a highway sticker as with the development of the rule of law. The balance sheet total of our two largest banks is larger than the gross domestic product, and so the power relationships are. Who really wants to move something in this country needs a lot of money or a lot of naive believers.”

“I concern myself little with political issues. It profiteth me nothing to read the information booklet to the votes or elections. They are not too complicated, I understand you. Because I don’t know most of the politicians, I never gave it to a my voice.”

“are My reasons for not choose laziness and coziness. Choose costs time and energy. You have to read, Yes in many votes or elections only once in a topic, and the arguments of the various parties or persons to study and consider. I’m not trying to choose just talk. I think that many elections have been decided only by the fact that most of the “have somehow” chosen. I don’t want to.”

“I have to Choose, because it is terrible, like lying, threatening and cheating. Each accuses the other Lügereien. What is under all the news as true and what is not? The aggressiveness on Facebook is so incredible, that it’s my insecurity increased. This mutual breaking of the main reason why I’m no longer choose to make.”

“In the last elections for the cantonal Parliament, I have filled in on the platform, the questions Smartvote. The Compliance of fraud, no candidate more than 60 percent. Difficult to decide so yourself. I let it stay. Or would it choose to be authentic and sincere, to what a colleague XY recommends? Or to choose people, because they advertise on billboards sympathy? To select people to my ignore box “No advertising”-glue on the letter? No, thank you!”

article from the “observer”

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