Andrea Frehner (28) from Zurich, a tough weekend. As of Saturday morning-namely, he is with Thousands of other tellers on the inside and counters the Voice of the millions of electoral lists, counting.

Frehner helps for about nine years, volunteered in the election office of the Zurich city circle 10. “Originally, for me this was a student job to earn some money,” he says in an interview with LOOK. The joy he had made then. “Does the voice count again and again, new acquaintances, and meet people you used to know,” says Frehner, who completed his studies in the meantime and as an IT project Manager in Zurich, is working.

In the city of Zurich, there are currently about 1750 selected election office members. “You volunteer for this service,” says Christina back at home, information officer of the city Council of Zurich. Otherwise it runs, for example, in Bern. There, residents are determined by random number generator and voice for seven years to count.

16 hours use for 30 to 40 francs per hour

most of The Zurich election of the office members will be on the coming weekend. To support other helpers are used. “For every report that is at least 16 years old and domiciled in the city of Zurich has”, so There can. In contrast to the elected office of the members, the helpers must not be allowed to vote. However, not everyone who wants to help is also needed, as There explained: “Currently, the city of Zurich has enough Volunteers.”

this coming weekend, Frehner, together with the other around 1700 tellers in the city of Zurich, a total of about 16 hours – so long to all controlled paper and recorded work have been. For this, he receives 40 francs per hour. This is something more than a vote count in the base function, for the 30 francs the hour. For the past four years, Frehner has held a leadership function, and works as a Table supervisor. That is, he supplied the tellers with work and answer your questions. “So I see, especially the complicated cases, which makes the work for me, more exciting.”

multiple controls to avoid errors

The Auszähldienst requires patience and accuracy. “First of all, the signatures on the voting rights statements to be controlled.” Again and again there is people that forget to write under. The corresponding ballot paper must then be will be considered void.

In a next step, the ballot papers are sorted in accordance with the changed and unchanged lists. The unmodified one is to Count. You will have all the counts multiple times by Hand and recorded. “Although there are counters, but they work in the thin ballot of the elections to the national Council are not reliable.”

another group begins with the cleansing of the altered ballots. “The means you look, whether correctly or panaschiert was cumulative,” says Frehner. It is to be worked second. Later, the ballot papers are inspected at least once by two other persons. Only then can they be recorded in the computer system. Also there is checked in a post again, if no mistakes were made.

many of The controls have their meaning, as Frehner explained. “Mistakes happen again and again. Especially at the beginning, when the Count for most of the new, and towards the end, when you’re tired and unfocused.”

Roger Federer, Donald Trump, and Superman to the Parliament

change from the monotonous Zählarbeit filled-in ballot, provide wrong. Not every Swiss voter takes to Fill out the ballot papers to the serious, such as Frehner explained. “Roger Federer can be found in every election at least once on a ballot paper.” Even Donald Trump, Mickey mouse and Superman are popular candidates in the parliamentary election.

in Addition to celebrity name to read again and again hate speech against individual politicians or parties. “Some of the write half of the novels on the back of the ballot papers.” As long as not defamatory statements that are, are explained in the ballot but still as valid.

On Sunday, will work Frehner between six and eight hours. Until the last ballot is recorded in the System. In spite of 100-percent Job he sacrifices count-free weekend for the Voice: “I think it’s nice to be a part of our direct democracy.”

the National Council and Council of States elections to 2019

On the 20. In October the Federal Parliament elections in Switzerland. The total of 200 seats in the national Council are distributed according to the number of population in the cantons, and need to be re-elected. Also the 46 seats of the Council of States to be re-awarded.

VIEW offers round-the-clock, the latest information about the election campaign, the political issues agenda of the parties and candidates, the distribution of seats in the Parliament, and the election results.

elections of Soda

This article was written in co-operation with the VIEW-Social-magazine Soda. On the Instagram Channel, to explain to their peers the young journalist Yaël Meier (19) and Lou Schmid (20), how to decide which party to choose and how to fill out a ballot. In addition to policy Young, on Soda, on how to fill out a tax return, how to find the right WG and how to survive as a Student – so everything you learned in school, but important for life. Yaël and Lou take the boy on a journey across News and politics. So that everyone can join in the conversation.