Urs Huber (57) is used to Losing. The Solothurn SP-a member of the Parliament and railway trade unionists did not make the election to the national Council at the last election Sunday. Again. Already four Times he has fought to make it to the Big chamber and each Time has failed.

With his defeat in the series, the SPler a group of a face, which is usually forgotten quickly: those of women and men as losers from the election campaign. And so many of them as never before. The 246 winners of over 4500 women and men are facing this year, did not make it.

at Least to the outside Huber contributes to the re-election defeat with composure. He thanked his supporters and is happy – despite everything – of the nearly 7000 votes he could get. “It was not to be,” writes the loser. “Not for the first Time, but for the last Time.” A fifth attempt? The will not give it, so at least the Stand now.

they are fighting for the party instead of for the Ego

Also, for Claudia Hauser (51), it will be probably the last attempt. The Aargauer FDP-Grossrätin and Vice-President of the cantonal party has a candidate this year for the third Time for the national Council.

you wouldn’t make it this Time, so she had expected – however, Hauser has put a lot of time and commitment in the election campaign. So the hobby cook tried to make, for example, with an aperitif-appetizers-Workshop with voters palatable.

Hauser makes it clear: “I made the choice to fight, especially for the party.” Wherein also for each a little out of the jump. “In the election campaign, you meet always a lot of new people and can enlarge the network of relationships,” says the FDPlerin.

at The fourth attempt

managed to make That persistent in it can pay off, as proven several candidates. Jon Pult (35), President of the Grisons SP, made in the fourth calls for the election to the national Council. The Sion city Council Christophe Clivat (50), repeated also in the fourth attempt, the first seat for the Green party in the Canton of Valais. Already long, it has tried the Neo-national Council Thomas Brunner (59) to the back of the Holte in St. Gallen for the GLP a seat.

And also the Basel SP-Parliament Mustafa Atici (50) made after three unsuccessful attempts this year to make the leap to Bern. The President of the SP-migrants to slid in the Council of States elected councillor Eva Herzog. “Being stubborn is in my nature,” says Atici. “I have been campaigning for years for equality of opportunity in education. In the case of this topic, you can’t lead from today to tomorrow.”

spare space

it is usual How important it is to have patience, stresses GLP-politicians Brunner. “In politics you have to have a long breath. The following Motto applies: Constant dripping wears away the stone.” He also see elections to the national Council as a team success and not as an “Ego project”, which is why he was hardly in the personal election campaign invested in. His choice came for Brunner accordingly, unexpectedly. “I’ve been several times with a respectable result on the first spare space landed,” says Brunner. “That I was this time elected, was a positive Surprise.”