dear Young,

we Talk plain text. The times in which we refused to return and the people do decide, know it is supposedly better, the past. Our future is at stake. Sounds as dramatic as it is. Do you really want to pay for, decide what people that were born many decades ago, today?

We can have a say. We can stand up for our future and help shape it. We can now ensure that our concerns, world views and demands and implemented to be heard. When, if not in times of a global climate crisis, if the Amazon will be cleared, if it is unclear what will happen with the social care, when we look to the justice for all tendons – if not now, when urgency is enough in there so that we remember that the world needs our voice? It is more important than ever that we open the eyes, and the untouched choice of envelope.

Fridays, for the Future, the climate of the demos, countless young people together to move something. We are already politically active. Although we have been growing up with the sensory overload and the young into the cold water of social media thrown in, we found a way to use our range.

Hopefully, we are also the Generation which will achieve the highest turnout in the Swiss history. You scold us choice lazy – you will be even more amazed. Brave, clever, world-changing. So I would describe our Generation. A change in thinking takes place, to the many other older people are not ready. Gender equality, marriage for all, climate protection: For many of the Young are the dates, of course. For you, it is inexplicable why we are in these matters on a far more advanced point.

If we do not participate in but now that we have the opportunity to participate in the politics and the people in Parliament choose to implement our demands, then we come out of the closet to us as the same hypocrites who were already the young generations in front of us.

I’m proud of our Generation. We brave social problems, the uncertainties, we recognize the facts and try to change themselves, to solve problems that are already emerged long before us. We do not dream of a life of our goals, but take the future of our world in the Hand, so that we can achieve what we want. I would also like to be proud of us – and the decisive Moment, since this wish will come true, has come.

We are born into the world, how she turns now. But we can have a say in how it should look like in the future. 20. October held the parliamentary elections. It is high time that some things change in the world. Beware, dear future, here we come.

On the 20. October, Switzerland elects a new Parliament. Who vote-splitting with the words, CSP or proportional representation System, only the station understands, you should think about the ABC of the important ballot, here smart.

How to decide which party to choose and how to fill in actually a ballot? The explain to you the young journalist Yaël Meier (19) and Lou Schmid (20) on the Instagram Channel Soda.

in Addition to policy you can find on Soda also how to do your tax return, the correct WG can find and how you survive as a Student – so everything you learned in school, but important for your life. Yaël and Lou take you on a journey through News and politics – so that you too can join in the conversation.