2015 surfed the SVP to the refugee wave, loose to win elections. With a historic record result of the 29.4 percent it benefited from the then migration crisis. Also, earlier, the SVP was dotted with alien issues: 2014, the voting public said Yes to the mass immigration Initiative, 2010 Ausschaffungs Initiative. The problem burned the voting public under the nails.

Less refugees and Illegal

Tempi passati! The migration issue has been mitigated in the current legislative session significantly, as the latest Figures show:

Fewer refugees: In the record year of 2015, Switzerland had almost 40’000 applications for asylum. Since then, the Numbers have dropped steadily, with around 15’000 applications last year, has halved the number of more than. For this year, a further decline is on the horizon. Recently the particular Federal asylum centre for unruly asylum seekers also made in Les Verrières, NE sealing – due to a low occupancy.
Less Illegal: On the Swiss borders, has eased the Situation is also solid. In the election year of 2015, the border handle corps wakes up around 31’000 illegal migrants in the record-breaking year in 2016, nearly 49’000. Thereafter, the Numbers fell to just under 17’000 in the last year. “The main reason for the lower migration, the de facto closure of the Mediterranean sea is a pay route since the year of 2018,” explains David Marquis of the Swiss Federal customs administration. He expects that in 2019 “with similar or slightly lower Numbers as in the previous year”. The Trend is clear: Until the end of July, around 7600 Apprehensions were registered in the previous year in the same period, over 10’000.
Less immigrants: , in 2008, walked under the line, about 100’000 foreigners in Switzerland. In 2013, in the year prior to the vote on the mass immigration Initiative, the net migration high of 90’000 people. However, on the Initiative of the reduction follows. Last year, the balance amounted to 55’000 people. For 2019, the Trend has been downward, with a decline of 0.8 percent in the first half of the year. SVP electoral defeat,

is The SVP, she gets to feel real: In cantonal elections, it has lost a lot of Seats – such as in the Canton of Zurich. Since 2016, they are ultimately recorded a Minus of 38 cantonal Parliament seats. For the national elections in the autumn, it also looks grim: the youngest of The SRG-election barometer predicts the SVP with a loss of 2.9 percent, a significant setback.

No wonder, then, attempts to work with the SVP to get success with old recipes: to warm Just the beginning of the hot phase of the election campaign the topic of foreigner crime again.

SVP-Rösti: “crime, largely

imported” Today, the SVP has not presented a new position paper that contains something really New. It is clear that The SVP wants to tackle Criminals in General and criminal aliens, in Particular, harder.

For the SVP, the crime has a name: “The moderate immigration”, as it says in the paper. The party pulls the statistics from 2018, with Around 80’000 people were accused last year of a violation of the criminal code – a little more than half of them foreigners.

“violence and crime in Switzerland are largely imported,” said SVP President Albert Rösti (51) in front of the media in Bern. “Both according to the crime statistics of the German Federal government, according to the convicted statistics, not men in General, but especially not integrated men are violent.”

Maximum imprisonment of 60 years,

, The SVP wants to be, therefore, that hart is resorted to. The right of citizens to more easily be revoked, and criminal aliens – this also is a “criminal ghetto kids” – should be consistently deported. Zero-tolerance requires the SVP in the case of sexual offences and violence against women. Marriages under the age of 16 should be marriage as forced and as a criminal Offence.

in Addition, the SVP wants to abolish sentences of the conditional money, because this be ineffective. The maximum custodial sentence is, however, expected to rise from 20 to 60 years.

Whether the SVP manages to, as a Law-and-Order party at the helm in the election campaign to tear around? The decision on the 20. October the choice of the people.

On the 20. In October the Federal Parliament elections in Switzerland. The total of 200 seats in the national Council are distributed according to the number of population in the cantons, and need to be re-elected. Also the 46 seats of the Council of States to be re-awarded.

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On the 20. October, Switzerland elects a new Parliament. Who vote-splitting with the words, CSP or proportional representation System, only the station understands, you should think about the ABC of the important ballot, here smart.