The FDP has not announced the SP only the battle for 2nd place, but also wants to tilt the balance of power in the Council of States. “The important thing is that we can work together with the SVP for the center-left majority of CVP and SP in the Council of States to break through,” said FDP Chief Petra Gössi (43). Conversely, the SP chief Christian Levrat (48) continues as a top priority to break in the national Council, “the rights of majority”.

made in fact, the different power relations in the two chambers, there is always a tough struggle with limited output. For example, the failure of the pension reform, where it arrived in the national Council to each individual’s voice – or now also for the CO2-law.

In the national Council have the SVP and the FDP group, Sit on a slim majority of 101. In the Council of States they occupy Seats only 18 out of 46.

right block, easily loses

In the SRG-election barometer loses the SVP/FDP-bearing now slightly more voters shares and a current 44.4 percent. The left-green Block (26.9 percent), as well as the mid-bearing, CVP, BDP, GLP and PPE (22.7 percent) to place easily.

But even such small Changes in the voters ‘ interests can win to a larger Seat or losses. In those cantons, where the parties to conquer at the national Council elections in 2015 individual seats or just were able to keep up.

Gössi want to “strengthened civil camp”

The right-wing majority in the national Council crumbles so and so Levrat is his goal in the fight for the majority in the Parliament, a step closer than Gössi.

“For me it is not decisive whether the SVP/FDP-majority in the national Assembly remains in existence,” says Gössi. “The key for me is that the FDP can grow.” Depending on the subject-namely, changing coalitions would play.

For the FDP itself, it actually looks good: Currently you would have to 17.4 per cent – the same as the SP.

Gössi announced yet another point that is important to her: “I want a stronger civic stock and hope for a weakening of the left-green bloc.”

mass Hardt hopes on “progressive politics”

The SP is happy, meanwhile, the upward trend in the left-green camp: “The balance of the right SVP/FDP majority is disastrous. A continuation of the right of the majority stock would be disastrous for Switzerland,” says campaign Manager and national councillor Nadine mass Hardt (34,).

at The Moment, however, the SP falters. It is only 17.4 percent, while the Green growth of 9.5 percent. However, mass Hardt is confident that the SP will recover before the national Council elections in October of their current slump. “But it is also important that the green-left the warehouse with a list of departure links in order to give away no voices”, mass Hardt.

Similar to the centrist parties of CVP, BDP, GLP and PPE. Also this quest across the country to list connections.

these Can also be found in seat gains translate, is expected to tick of the national Council in the next term of office more center-left similar to the Council of States. “We are creating this goal, a more progressive policy than in the current legislature,” said mass Hardt.