posters and advertising films are in the money. In some parties, the good places on the choice of cost-even a whole bar lists. Time, that after the election campaign comes back to money in the cash register. And that is not too tight. The parliamentarians in Bern to earn a decent amount.

26’000 CHF Foundation: To the topic of reading, or clever writing Talk: the work of The Parliament is to be prepared. In addition, most of the National and Ständeräte your workload will reduce. As compensation, there is a basic wage of 26 000 Swiss francs in the year. Around 2166 francs per month.
440 Swiss francs per day: For each day, the politicians spend in the Council or in a Committee meeting, flow in addition to 440 francs in the wallet. There are at least four sessions per year à 13 days, and the majority of Councillors to sit in one to two commissions. In the case of SP-national councillor Cedric Wermuth (33), which defines as one of the few of his parliamentary wage, and made the 2018 all 38’500 Swiss francs.
13’652 francs for the pension Fund: in Addition, the Federal government pays the parliamentarians also a Boon to the pension scheme: members of the Council, up to age 65. Age year 13’652 francs; the member of the Council has to pay a quarter of the way but even.

in Addition, the Job as parliamentarians often brings lucrative mandates with associations and organizations hope for more influence in the Parliament. And the cost a bit. A Job in a Board of Directors, or an Association means for a politician hardly work, for good pay.

The politicians also get expenses and compensation. For example, this:

Free of charge 1.-Class-GA: is The way to Bern, and depending on the place of residence long. The parliamentarian shall 1. Class trips to the Federal house. Either with the GA or a lump-sum compensation for the value of 5040 Swiss francs – for those who travel by car to Bern. This is a Free car Park in the Federal house nearby is still waiting.
33’000 Swiss francs for the helper: Not every parliamentarian can do everything alone, some of therefore employees. So about “the world week”-chief Roger Köppel (54), the alt Nationalrat Christoph Mörgeli (59) in the preparation of the shops to help. As a contribution to cover this expenditure, the Council members receive an annual compensation of 33‘000 Swiss francs. the 115 Swiss francs for the physical Well-being: Who is in Bern, it must eat away and if he is not been invited by a lobbyist, also self-pay. Per day parliamentarians receive a Meal allowance of 115 francs. No matter whether you are on a diet or not.
180 Swiss francs for Sleep: Even for Sleep be paid to the members of Parliament: Per night, you spend between two session days away, you get a Boost of 180 francs. Some members of Parliament have rented a small attic in Bern, others have WGs, and others afford a Hotel. Unlucky to have those politicians, who live less than ten kilometers as the crow flies from the Federal house or your home in 30 minutes by public TRANSPORT to reach: you get nothing. Unless you travel in the performance of their duties abroad – then there is a meals and accommodation allowance of a total of 395 Swiss francs per day.

And that’s not all: Of Roaming costs through a private legal protection insurance to a Postomat in the Federal house remains (almost) no wish unfulfilled.

the National Council and Council of States elections to 2019

On the 20. In October the Federal Parliament elections in Switzerland. The total of 200 seats in the national Council are distributed according to the number of population in the cantons, and need to be re-elected. Also the 46 seats of the Council of States to be re-awarded.

VIEW offers round-the-clock, the latest information about the election campaign, the political issues agenda of the parties and candidates, the distribution of seats in the Parliament, and the election results.