a Bang for the Green: in the Middle of the election campaign announces national Council candidate Tamy Glauser (34) of the withdrawal of its candidacy just two months after their surprising and much-publicized nomination by the Zurich Green at the end of may (EYES reported).

The political lightning career of the Bernese supermodels is over before it has even really begun: “My Dear, the following lines will need to write difficult,” writes the partner of Ex-Miss Switzerland, Dominique Rinderknecht (30) in a Statement on Instagram. “First of all, I would like to thank all of you who believe in me and have supported me for candidacy for a seat in the national Council. All, of course, Dominique, and our families have laid for me, strong stuff.” Then, Glauser thanked her party colleagues, “the members of the Green party of the Canton of Zurich who have given me the Chance to run for this important office”.

reactions to Vegans-blood-testimony would “hurt”

This is a short, intense adventure have made her great desire to policy, the Model further: “It has shown me that I am not yet ready. Through my profession I’m used to my Public, but that is a very uninformed statement on my part to trigger such reactions, so I didn’t expect simple,” says Glauser and alludes to the Negative headlines around its Vegan-blood-testimony. “It has shown me hurt me and where my boundaries lie. Therefore, I have decided to renounce the candidacy.”

you be aware that you will not disappoint with its renunciation of many of her important people, explains the from Berne. She wanted to apologize, in particular, in the case of the two Green national councillors Balthasar Glättli (47) and Sibel Arslan (39) and all that you would have supported your choice prepare for battle. Glauser: “My party, the Green party, I wish you much success for the elections, it is so important that the urgent concerns for the environment and the rights of LGBTQ to get a stronger weight in the Parliament.”

For these concerns will you continue to fight, promises to be the 34-Year-old, and leaves open the question of their political career in the future resume: “Who knows, perhaps there in four or eight years, even with a more Mature and stronger national Council candidate Tamy Glauser.” On the subject of she wished to give no further Interviews. “Thank You Very Much! Love, Tamy”, concludes Glauser your Instagram statement.

Green regret Glausers decision

And as the Green party reacted to the sudden climb-down of its most prominent national Council candidate? “Tamy Glauser would have enriched the Green list,” says Marionna Schlatter (38), President of the Green Canton of Zurich. “Your resignation is a personal decision that we regret but have to respect.” At the same time she was happy Glausers further support in the election campaign: “This Time not as a candidate, but as a member of the Green party with a big commitment to the green cause,” says Schlatter.

The party had been informed of Tamy Glauser in advance about your decision, say it in an official statement. On the national Council list all Candidates from rank 34 to 11 would now back a square to the front. For the released list 34, the Executive Board Esther Guyer (68), group President of the Green group in the cantonal Parliament and member of the Executive Committee of the Greens Canton of Zurich, has been nominated.