Nearly 5.5 million Swiss determine in the elections in 2019, its National and Ständeräte. A total of 200 national Councillors (elected representatives) and 46 Ständeräte (Canton of elected representatives). Actually, there are only 43 Ständeräte: In Appenzell Innerrhoden, Nidwalden and Obwalden, they are already in place.

will be Elected in the cantons – the 26 constituencies are. The 200 seats are in dependence of the total permanent resident population to the 26 cantons

The Canton of neuchâtel, also known as Neuchâtel is a Canton in the French part of Switzerland and belongs to the Mittelland and the capital region of Switzerland. It includes 31 political communities and four national councils.

The Council of States represents the equality of the cantons and the small chamber is called. Regardless of the population number of two seats for each Canton, with the exception of the former half-cantons (AI, AR, BL, BS, NW, OW), each of which only one seat is entitled to.

result: the Canton has selected new castle As the elections in 2019

works On 20. October, Switzerland elects a new Parliament. Who vote-splitting with the words, CSP or proportional representation System, only the station understands, you should think about the ABC of the important ballot, here smart.