Kathrin Bertschy (40), a national councillor for the green liberal party, has cheer twofold. The Parliament has not only become, at a stroke, much greener – but also more feminine. “For women, it is a very good day,” says the Co-President of the women’s Federation Alliance, F. “democracy is, today, better, because the population is better represented.” Then the connection breaks off. Bertschy has been so much on the phone today that in the evening the phone battery stops.


you yourself, however, is still full of energy – no wonder in view of the results. About 40 percent of the seats in the national Assembly are now women. This is more than ten percent more than in the last legislature – a giant leap. So far, the proportion of women had increased in the large chamber steadily, albeit never by more than four percent at one time.

Also in the Council of States shifts are in favour of women. Five seats are already safe in the woman’s hand. This is one less than in the past. However, several more women are expected to follow in the second ballot. With your top result can make in Geneva, for example, the current national councillor Lisa Mazzone (Green, 31) for the entry into the Stöckli, the Council of Europe. In the Canton of Basel-Landschaft with Maya Graf (57) and Daniela Schneeberger (52) two women in the starting blocks. The Council of States – a Altherrenrat? Thus, in 2019, the conclusion is likely to be.

For the first Time a woman to Bern sent

Even historically, the results of which are in Central Switzerland. In Obwalden and Zug has managed for the first Time ever, a woman in the national Council. Monika Rüegger (51), housewife and metal planner, and the two took for the SVP based in Obwalden, Zug, a former member of the cantonal government, Manuela cheers Weichelt-Picard (52), who grabbed for the Alternative – the Greens (ALG) is a seat of the FDP back.

A Premiere is also the choice of Urnerin Heidi Z’graggen (CVP, 53) in the Council of States. At the Federal Council elections, she lost to clear – you could use the gained awareness but successfully for the race to the Council of States seat.

“women are afraid of a candidacy put”

Alliance F and Operation Libero, had the title of “Helvetia!”, a non-partisan women’s research program on the legs. In mentoring programs and Workshops the candidate has the inside trimmed to fit for the election campaign.

“Our campaign has contributed much to the present electoral success of women,” says Bertschy. “We have coached, we have taken the women the fear of a candidacy.”