in order for the cantonal section is against the BDP in Switzerland, which sets Stauffers recording. The political mastermind and co-founder of the right-wing populist Mouvement citoyens genevois (MCG) on a BDP sub-list with the name “Parti Citoyen démocrate Genève d’abord” (“civic democratic party Geneva first”) to.

The interim, the BDP-Geneva-President André Leitner confirmed the decision on Monday. The former President had a candidate in the Wake of the turmoil of the party and the candidacy Stauffers retired.

Complex Dossiers, in Geneva,

Stauffers request to join the BDP in Switzerland was suspended in the Moment, said Leitner more. The national mother’s party denied the right populist recording the most so far. Stauffer hopes to continue to change.

Stauffer said at a media conference before the vote office in Geneva, he will prove himself in the election campaign. In his eyes there are political Similarities between it and the BDP Geneva.

in This case, Stauffer emphasizes particularly the Dossiers, health insurance and mobility. For Geneva, it was time to benefit as a large payer in the financial compensation of Federal subsidies. Not to said the cross-border workers, who were at the MCG to be a favorite target, and be a guarantee for success, the candidate.

Stauffer is a risk to the elections in 2019

Leitner acknowledged that could be under the list of Stauffer in Federal elections in October, a risk. But only those who dare win, he added. On the list of the former Canton of parliamentarians Pascal washer is next to the populists.

Eric Stauffer took for its national Council candidacy in a number of activities to be. For about a year, he lives in the Canton of Valais. First of all, he wanted to connect the CVP under Wallis, and for this to run. The party beckoned on 1. May but from.

After his miss tones were eliminated from the MCG Stauffer had founded the party Genève en marche, with the help of which he suffered in the cantonal elections of the shipwreck, and then dissolved. An opponent in the Geneva Canton Parliament, he threw up once for a glass of water. In contrast to the BDP, which holds the bilateral agreements with the EU, fuck the dazzling Geneva, the Union lock, stock and barrel.

Not vain joy about the decision of BDP of Geneva in the mother party. Vice-President and national councillor Lorenz Hess (BE) not said in the show “rendezvous” of the Swiss Radio SRF will intervene but you.

Stauffers values would not match those of the BDP Switzerland. For this the party should stand for in the election campaign. But also for parties, federalism is applicable. However, the BDP had rejected as a mid-party alliances with the Extreme.

The Geneva section had chosen a different strategy. You can search a local solution for local problems. Whether or not this fruit will show up. (SDA)

On the 20. In October the Federal Parliament elections in Switzerland. The total of 200 seats in the national Council are distributed according to the number of population in the cantons, and need to be re-elected. Also the 46 seats of the Council of States to be re-awarded.

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