It’s a guerrilla action with the announcement: “We will shed light on several websites, the positions of our political opponents is critical, and our exposures to make,” announced General Secretary Gianna Luzio (39) nine days ago in the Sunday view. The web pages would not appear under the Logo of the CVP. Shown, respectively, a politician of the competition, their arguments are neatly disheveled.

Now the campaign is launched: Who searches the Internet for a well-known politician, ends up in part to a home page of the CVP. Spicy: Not only politicians of the Polparteien are taken from the CVP in the defect, but also to FDP-parliamentarian.

“In an election year, the liberals suddenly turning green”

About the Bern Nationalrat Christian Wasserfallen (38). The CVP attacked rail, the energy politicians on the Climate. The water fall would reduce the amount of climate protection to the individual responsibility and the CO2 have watered down the law massively. In an election year, now the liberals turn suddenly green.

Under the Button “Shows, I prefer real solutions,” you can go to the CVP-positions in the climate policy. This campaign upset the Bernese. “Desperate, desperate, CVP. The smear campaign of the CVP is probably the last straw, before it is overtaken by the Greens”, he tweeted.

Of the CVP-attacks also FDP-President Petra Gössi (43) are affected. And the St. Gallen FDP national councillor Marcel Dobler (39). This reacted on Twitter as upset about this as:

Similarly, the Lucerne councillor Damian Miller (34). “Love CVP, is the despair that her candidate is attacking on the common list?”, he asks on Twitter.

CVP: “The campaign”

The CVP defends himself against the accusation of organising a smear campaign: “We will make a comparison campaign. We show the positions of the other parties and provide a comparison with our positions,” said CVP-speaker Michaël Girod. The argument was factually, even online. “We are not aiming at the Person, but to show the voters only the items for which the other parties are. The election campaign is.”

On the 20. October, Switzerland elects a new Parliament. Who vote-splitting with the words, CSP or proportional representation System, only the station understands, you should think about the ABC of the important ballot, here smart.

Soon, the hot Phase of the election battle going on really. A VIEW declared in the form of test, where the parties are in the Moment and to try what you points.