Recall that, because of the epidemic of the coronavirus, elections in Poland was first conducted on the mixed principle: those who are quarantined or fears of crowds, could have until June 26 to vote by mail, and all the rest can do it at polling stations from 07.00 to 21.00. However, there is epidemic situation changed the plans of the Polish authorities. It began with the fact that not all foreign consulates were able to send to voters envelopes with the ballots, and had until Friday to return the completed ballots to the diplomatic missions of Poland in the countries of residence. Therefore, in some countries, for example, in the UK, where due to the complicated epidemic situation, the voting is conducted by mail or courier, remote elections were extended until nine p.m. on June 28.

And in Poland itself at the polling stations on Sunday, huge queues formed. The fact that, at the request of the sanitary-epidemiological services at the polling station is limited to a fixed number of people: one person to four square meters of surface. In addition, the premises must be ventilated, and the surface, which often contact people disinfected. In some areas people give disposable pen, and some pens disinfected after each vote. All this increases the waiting time. Yes, and the tense pre-election struggle has led to increased mobilization of the electorate, especially in large cities. The turnout to 15.30 amounted to more than 24 percent, almost 10 percent more than in the previous presidential election at the same time. As a result, voters sometimes have to stand in the heat in queues up to six hours. Media have reported that Warsaw is making people feel bad in such queues. The city authorities urge anyone who is going to vote to bring a bottle of water. And the head of the national electoral office Magdalena Petek promised that all who come to the polling stations and will take a turn to 21.00 Polish time, you will get the chance to vote.