President Cyril Ramaphosa promised at a rally of the ruling ANC on Sunday to punish members of the government, which would have made the bribery guilty. “We admit that we made mistakes,” he said to supporters in a Stadium in Johannesburg.

No corrupt politician will be allowed to hold office in his party. Allegations of corruption against the government had forced Ramaphosas predecessor Jacob Zuma last year to resign.

In a stadium in Soweto, the leader of the South African opposition party, Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Malema, went even further. “The Parliament is full of crooks and Criminals. Goes and shoots wildly at her, not chooses,” said Malema to the police contacted.

The voters in South Africa are on 8. May decide on a new Parliament and new provincial assemblies. The new Parliament will also choose the head of state. Observers expect the election victory of the ruling party, the ANC (African national Congress), party leader Ramaphosa in the race.