The Egerkinger Committee, cancer back. On Thursday, President Walter Wobmann (61, SVP) had a full-bodied said: “We will do nothing.” The Egerkinger Committee will ignore the court decision.

On Thursday had ordered the district court of Andelfingen, ZH, the Egerkinger Committee within the posters of the 24 hours must remove. The Committee should keep in mind, of threatened him with the judgment of a fine may amount to up to CHF 10’000.

Now want to obey the SVP-near Egerkinger Committee of the court. It is the 400 or so Anti-FDP election posters cover. The “Tages-Anzeiger” reported in its latest issue. The Committee had issued to the responsible Billboard company Clear Channel to a corresponding order.

400 posters need to get down

The Egerkinger Committee, which is behind the minaret and the burqa ban initiative, had on Monday, around 400 large-format posters, in which it attacks the liberals head-on. On the poster the Committee of the party, your President, Petra Gössi and other named FDP-national councils accused, to protect radical Islamists””.

The district court of Andelfingen saw it as sufficiently likely that this Levy infringes the personality of the party and of the above-mentioned politicians.

The 24-hour period begins, according to the report from the time in which the Committee receives the judgment delivered. Because the Committee has only a mailbox address in Flaach ZH, but it is unclear whether it has accepted the verdict already.

Work will start on Monday

it is certain, however, that the posters are not taken down within 24 hours. According to the poster company is the “logistics in the case of posters is not quite as easy as with other advertising media”. The itineraries and staff operations for the removal of the Anti-FDP-posters are scheduled only “as of Monday morning,” said a company spokesperson in an interview with the “Tages-Anzeiger”.

Although the posters job ends anyway on Monday, must be taped over many of the posters now, except according to plan. Depending on bookings, otherwise you could hang individual posters for longer than only until Monday, so the company spokesperson. The cost for the Überklebung must wear according to Clear Channel, the Egerkinger Committee. (zas)